Dogs are my kind of people

I couldn’t wait to become a homeowner because it meant that I could start fostering dogs. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was determined to do it anyway. I picked up my first foster dog in Oct 2016, an abandoned lab pit mix I named Berek. That dog changed my life and there was no looking back. Words can’t describe the experience of bringing home a dog that’s scared, sometimes sick or injured, but mostly anxious after coming from a stressful shelter. That moment after you bring the dog into your home and you feel their body release some of that tension and anxiety. They know that they’re safe and cared for. That moment is what makes fostering such an incredible experience. You get to watch them continue to gain confidence, grow healthier and show their personalities. And then you help them find a new home where they will be showered with love, a feeling some never knew in their past lives.
I want to share my foster experiences, my successes, my mistakes and my dogs with you. There are so many wonderful dogs available for adoption that are not damaged or bad. These are dogs that were neglected and likely failed by humans who set them up for failure. Fostering and adopting rescue animals will not only change the animal’s life, it will change your life.
(Pictured above: Me with my resident dogs, Marni and Daphne, looking fancy even though we’re total slobs in real life.)