Fostering Dogs is my Passion and Purpose

My name is Ali and this is my very first blog post. You could say that I am a normal person (and I love that people believe this façade – I’m a total goofball weirdo, whahaha!).  I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my dogs, Daphne and Marni, I have a full-time job that I enjoy, a wonderful family and amazing friends. I have an active lifestyle, love to make people laugh and have a soft spot for pit bulls. That’s me in a nutshell.

While all of this is great, there was a point in my life when I felt like something was missing. I knew that I was destined to be that “crazy dog lady”, so the logical next step was to get involved with animal rescue.

I started volunteering for a non-profit called Philadoptables in 2015 and joined their board of directors in 2016. I’ll expand on Philadoptables in a later post, but we are an organization that supports local rescues by raising money to purchase medical equipment and supplies, pay for emergency surgeries, promote urgent animals, and so on.

Harriet, my current foster, after her recent enucleation surgery.

In 2016 I also purchased my first home, which meant I could start fostering dogs! I learned so much since my first foster dog, Berek (I currently have my ninth, Harriet the pirate foster). I have made mistakes that turned into huge learning experiences. I’ve learned a lot about dogs and maybe even more about myself. I have learned what passion truly is. I have had setbacks, and I will discuss them in future posts, but fostering and saving dogs is so important to me that I overcame those setbacks. You don’t let anything come in the way of your passion. You guard it, you develop it and you wear it proudly.

These nine foster dogs have given me so many stories to tell. Some hilarious, some interesting, some will make your heart soar and some will make you cry. I want to share these experiences with people and my objective is simple. I want to inspire people to get involved. This may mean adopting a rescue dog instead of purchasing from a breeder or pet store. Maybe someone will start fostering, volunteer at a local shelter or help transport dogs to their foster homes. But at a very minimum, maybe I will inspire someone to pursue their own personal passion.

Dogs and humor are my two favorite things in this world, so I will be combining these whenever possible. I assure you that my goofball weirdo side will surface soon enough. You’ve been warned.

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