Why I Can’t Keep My Foster Dogs

Some of the most frequent comments and questions that I receive pertain to me keeping my foster dogs. I share videos of my fosters playing with my dogs and photos of the fosters looking right at home in my, um, home. People can’t imagine how I could possibly part with these awesome dogs that have been part of my life for multiple weeks or months.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t considered keeping just about every single foster dog that I’ve had. I would have kept my first foster, Berek, if my next-door neighbor hadn’t adopted him. So instead I adopted my second foster dog, Marni. But that was also a stressful decision because I wasn’t sure if keeping Marni meant that I would not be able to foster anymore. Would I be able to handle three dogs by myself? Well, I was sure willing to find out. And because fostering is so important to me, I figured out how to make it work.

I also know that three dogs at one time is my absolute limit. I would be setting myself up to burn out if I adopted a third dog and then continued to foster. It also wouldn’t be fair to my resident dogs to have to divide myself and my attention between all of them.

So, by defining my limit (two resident dogs and one foster dog) to three dogs max, I know that adopting another is simply not an option. I will likely continue to have delusional thoughts and considerations about keeping fosters, but I know that is not the ideal situation for me or my dogs.

I also keep my purpose in mind. I foster dogs to save lives and help place them in loving homes. I will not allow anything to get in the way of that as long as it is my goal. If I adopted a third dog I would not be able to save more lives through fostering. And that’s that.